Overview of Program

A. Objectives

1. NTU's Mission and Vision

National Taiwan University's (NTU) mission is to provide an excellent environment for students and faculty to learn and innovate, to off er leaders of society and researchers the most innovative knowledge, and to raise the level of Taiwan's scholarship, assist national economic development, and resolve major problems of establishing the prospect of sustained development for humanity. Broadly embracing top professionals from around the world, and dedicated to our core philosophy of excellence in education, excellence in research, and social concern, we aim to make NTU into a renowned bastion of education and research in fulfi lling our vision to be ranked "the pinnacle of the Chinese and the first-rate in the world."

2. NTU's Philosophy - Becoming a First-rate University

National Taiwan University continues to adhere to the school motto set forth by the late university president, Fu Ssu-nien, in pursuit of "University autonomy and academic freedom" in order to"cultivat character, engage in serious learning, and practice love of country and others." and to encourage all NTU members to live by these principles. In the eff ort to renew campus culture and civic morality, President Lee has invested the school motto with new meaning, defi ning character as "fi delity, integrity"; rigorous study as "professionalism, excellence"; love of country as "caring and compassion"; love of others as "tolerance and contributing to the happiness of others," in hope that cultivating these qualities will forge a superior campus culture. In addition, NTU's teaching and research shall emphasize and instill locally-relevant issues, attuned to local society to further Taiwan's social and economic development. Further, by strengthening international exchanges, earning the recognition of and achieving a leading position in the international academic community, to resolve problems of establishing the prospect of sustained human development.

NTU will move forward in pursuit of "excellence in education, excellence in research, and concern for society" as its guiding principles for future development, investing all our endeavors with a humanitarian spirit. This comes down to putting people first, promoting growth in faculty and students' lives, elevating society as a whole, and working for the moral betterment and welfare of humanity through teaching, research, and service to society.

3. Overall Objectives

NTU's Aim for Top University Project endeavors to establish a quality learning and research campus environment and to cultivate society's finest interdisciplinary leaders and innovators in II. Overview of Program Objectives and Systemic Improvements knowledge and industry for the future. In working toward realizing these ends, in addition to fullscale elevation of teaching and research, key breakthroughs in integrated resources, retention of a broad base of first-rate people from Taiwan and abroad, and doubling the quantity and quality of research papers, we seek to affi rm actively excellence in the Asian community, ultimately to reach world-class status in at least 10 to 15 academic fields within five years and join the ranks of the world's top 100 in five to ten years, so as to be recognized as a top-rate research university as our overall objectives (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 1