The main goal of the NTU "Aim for Top University Project" is to cultivate future outstanding, interdisciplinary leaders in Taiwan. In addition to enhance the overall quality of teaching and research, to integrate resources in order to make breakthroughs in strong areas, to pursue excellence and to be competitive in Asia and in the world, the principal goal of the plan is to make NTU enter the top 100 world universities and become the top research university.

There are no precise quantitative criteria for the evaluation of the world top universities. In many cases, a world top university has 30 to 40 academic areas that are internationally well-known. The goal of NTU is to have 10 to15 academic areas that reach world class in five years.

Based on the existing foundation, in the future five years, NTU will enrich all the teaching and research activities with humanity and care, which will serve as the common ground for teaching and research excellence and for society service. As a result, NTU will not only maintain the honor of being the top university among Taiwan, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, but also become one of the top universities in the world.