Future Prospects

As stated by National Taiwan University's ATU Project, NTU's vision for development, guided by the philosophy of excellence in education, excellence in research, and concern for society, is to reach world-class status in at least 10 to 15 academic fields within five years, and join the ranks of the world's top 100 universities in five to ten years as a first-rate research university. Further, NTU aims to become one of the world's major strongholds of education and research, reaching the pinnacle of the Chinese world and join the ranks of the first-rate universities around the world.

In pursuit of this vision and goals, NTU's university-wide upgrade strategy and measures for 2006 and 2007 must proceed apace for National Taiwan University rapidly to become a world-class university firmly rooted in Taiwan, with an international vision, grasping the big picture yet paying attention to detail. In pursuit of these objectives, in addition to personnel and facilities makeover projects in 2006 and 2007 intended to establish an excellent learning and research campus environment, aggressive ongoing improvement measures must also be continued unabated. Further, NTU must make concerted eff orts in teaching, research, and personnel recruitment, double both the quantity and quality of research papers, achieve world-class status in 10 to 15 fields, and cultivate students to become society's leading lights and innovators of knowledge and industry.

NTU's key future developmental objectives and directions are summarized briefly below:

A. Teaching

In pursuit of outstanding teaching, aggressively strive to improve instructional facilities, personnel, and course content, strengthen the function of the Teaching Development Center, and actively cultivate creative people to elevate NTU students to world-class caliber; improve Englishlanguage course instruction, promote interdisciplinary studies and training, foster an international outlook in students and concern for local issues, ultimately, to become global leaders.

B. Research

Towards the goal of outstanding scholarship, actively recruit a greater number of outstanding international faculty and students, and build cooperation with international research teams to advance international academic exchange; foster graduate student research skills and international outlook, raise the research standards of research units to world-class levels.

C. Give priority to supporting NTU's established top international-class research fi elds so they may approach leading worldwide status within five years; develop progressive research topics to build international research teams as potential future stars.

D. Work with Taiwan's high-technology industry to establish a premium cooperative environment for academia and industry; encourage professors' research and training in emerging technology industries to ensure rapid enhancements of Taiwan's global economic and technological competitiveness in step with leading global trends.

E. Swiftly complete work on instructional and research infrastructure, such as underground sewage systems, university-wide high-voltage transformer station replacement, classroom buildings, outstanding research buildings, experimental animal research centers, greenhouses, and new student and new faculty dormitories.

F. Accelerate the internationalization of the campus teaching and research environment, actively participate in international academic organizations and engage in academic cooperation.

G. Conduct organizational restructuring in line with draft amendments to the University Law governing legal person status; raise administrative effi ciency and quality.